The project

T-Shirts and ... fucking legends.

Heroes, gunslingers, secret agents, rock stars, footballers, boxing champions ... Icons of cinema, music, sport and art who have irrevomably taken their place as legends in the collective imagination. Figures of great character who have the power to excite, to feed dreams, to represent lifestyles and fashions.e.

The project was born from here. And from our passionate nature as incurable dreamers. We are so ... a bit nerd, because we enjoy being glued to a screen watching The Big Lebowsky for the umpteenth time; a bit melancholy, because we can't help but like a photo of Roberto Baggio with the Italy shirt; a bit romantic, because we dream of saving the world from a catastrophe and kicking ass to invading alien invaders.

This is where our T-shirts come from.

Each FK'NG Legend T-shirt is the result of genuine passion, original artistic work and careful choice of materials. All made in Italy.