Want to know what's underneath?

Would you like to find out how the FK Legend characters that are reproduced on our T-Shirts and posters come to life? Want to know what's behind the scenes of our Legendse?

Good. First of all we reveal the real secret: the soul. We are talking about our great passion for cinema, comics, music and all other artistic and non-artistic disciplines that have the power to excite us, to help us overcome fear, to comfort us in solitude, to move us, to make us laugh and to dream. We are sure you know what we are talking about!do!

And from a practical point of view Who creates the designs How they are bornno?

Our Legends take shape from the hands and artistic flair of an illustrator, one who, like us, loves and knows how to appreciate those small details that have made some men great!!
We are not talking about technicalities or what tools it uses.
We can tell you, however, that these caricatures arise from his vision, from his way of capturing and re-proposing the essence of the characters with an original and modern style..


Keep following us, soon we will tell you something more about us!!


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