All in the name of monkey

In the rainforest of the Amazon lives the Spider Monkey, a black monkey that cannot be found in any other country in the world.

This curious name was given to him due to the particular length of the limbs and the very long prehensile tail. Precisely for this characteristic it manages to be very agile moving between the branches. It hardly comes down to earth, its habitat is the forest, its home is the trees.

Unfortunately, its "conservation status" is officially considered vulnerable due to forest degradation. That is, due to the uncontrolled deforestation it is at risk of extinction.

A long time ago a friend who was passionate about nature and in particular the animal world told me about this curious mammal. I still remember how her eyes lit up talking about it!

It stuck with me. And when with the Team we decided to include the FK Legend posters among our products, I couldn't help but think of that little monkey of which, in the space of a few decades, nothing could remain but the photograph on some scientific magazine.

It is also for this reason that we have decided to choose certified production partners respecting the environment. And that's also why all of our posters are printed sustainably on FSC-certified paper with a high recycled fiber content.

In our small way we hope that our attention can somehow save the life of some tree. It may not be one of the trees that the spider monkey lives on ... but we like to think so!

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