The value of originality

There is a dark side that is advancing, like a rising fog and slowly erasing the boundaries of things and making everything look the same: standardization. 
Without your noticing it takes your hand and drags you straight down into the tunnel of uniformity, until you reach the end, in the swamp of superficiality..
I know, it's a bit dark and distressing, but that's how it has to be! Because the fact is that in this way everything is flattened and diminished: everything becomes "normal and banalities take on the same importance as things meticulously conceived with sacrifice in the name of passion and the search for a characteristic of value..
You can see it in everyday life, in cinema, in music Turn on the radio and listen to music all similar to each other, take a bath in the downtown street and see t-shirts and shoes all made the same, same colors , same design ... You go into a bar in the square and you see posters hanging on the walls that you cannot distinguish from the ones that the restaurant next door, the pizzeria in the village, the clothing store in the shopping center and the neighbor in the living room..
This is why we believe in what we do. Because we offer something original, which you cannot confuse or find wherever you turn, which does not follow standards.
We spend a lot of passion and a lot of our time to create our products. We do this because we want our posters and our T-Shirts to have value, to be unique.
And we believe this commitment is also the best way to pay homage to an icon like Marilyn.

Discover the Poster "Norma J." in our catalog


Poster "Norma J." - Omaggio a Marilyn

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